Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stay the Course then Leap

So here's how staying the course brings success and surprise. I saw the lake and log in the sunshine on the way home from work, but because of dinner prep and other necessities, I didn't get out and get the shots. However, my daughter was cooking and we had a 10 min wait where I had an opening and I decided that even though the light wasn't good, I'd head out and see what I could find. Stay the course, visit the lake for inspiration even in non-ideal circumstances. I went and sure enough, there was nothing, nothing, on the log. But, I stopped anyway to 'stay the course.' By instinct and informed experience, I walked over to the frog bog sure that I'd catch one (figuratively, I would never touch a frog!) and I did. There's a picture of it's little head (though big for a frog) sticking out above, and a video of it jumping away below.

I then walked around to see what else inspired me and I took the first two shots above. The top one is a weed, but I think it's really interesting and the other is the frog bog framing the log. These are the stay the course photos.

But the frog photo and video proved to me that staying the course, is the best path to the mystery, the spontaneity, the experience and finally--the leap.

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  1. Kathy, Seize the moment; keep on track; look for innovation; what wonderful thoughts. Love, Pop