Friday, July 17, 2009

Friends 50

I began this blog with a Friends post after a weekend spent with my close friends and their husbands (we met in high school and spent the rest of our lives together). There are four of us from that time, and three of us live an hour or so apart, one is in Florida. All of the northern contingent are now 50, and we celebrated the third "50th" last weekend in the birthday girl's magnificiently landscaped backyard. It would have been beautiful anyway, but after a month of rain to have the sun and all the flowers and view of "nuttin' but trees"* and my friends from forever, it was really a great day.

Butterflies were a recurring theme, as was purple and yellow, and just plain expansiveness. I felt like we were in an English garden.

*I cannot explain the "nuttin' but trees" phrase publicly, because, it would give away one of our husband's long-time dream of a business, but no gathering of all of us is complete without mentioning "nuttin but...something" a few times, so it had to go here.

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