Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've been having tremendous fun with the turtle postings. My friend Rev John, used some of the photos and some of the text in his Friday night service and the feedback was touching because it's amazing how many people are drawn to the turtles. My friend Robbin was already in the habit of walking down to the lake and noticing the turtles (and swans, geese, red-winged blackbirds, ducks, etc...) so she commented as well. I was surprised we hadn't run into each other, but we did on Saturday. I have more good turtle pics, but they'll have to wait to be posted, as I can't lay my hands on the camera at the moment. My painting friends have also been commenting, so I'm seeing just why people blog.

I'm on vacation this week with the intention to organize my personal life. Yesterday I slept all day, I was exhausted. Today I have more energy, but not a whole lot. It's nice to have some time off, without actually having to do anything. Maybe I'll find what my natural rhythm actually is. I've been jumping through the required paces as we all do for so long that I'm out of touch with it. I think I'm 'turtling' just holing up in the house and seeking the sun when I feel like it.

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