Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I go past the lake almost every weekday morning for some inspiration and insight to kick off my day and I usually get it. Today I took a look first at my email, and my father had sent me this link . It's a short video of a young man, DJ Gregory, who decided to walk every hole of every course of the 2008 PGA Golf Tour, despite the fact that he has Cerebral Palsy, and the walking is difficult and painful. This is his blog

I also watched a video of the swans from May 9, which I find really beautiful, particularly the lake sounds, and I had yet to post. I thought about the constancy of this young man walking the holes and completing his task and although it's not the same, I took the time to go to the lake because that's what I do, I write about the experience, not watching a video of my experience. (I did post the video though, see the last post).

Today, the sun is gorgeous, the sounds are gorgeous, and I thought wow, there's probably going to be something great there for me to photograph. The sounds were great, the trees were great, but the lake and the log were still and when things aren't flowing, you get overgrowth and some debris. The log had swan feathers but nothing else. No turtles, swans or ducks yet. However, there were birds, goldfinches I think, bright yellow bodies with black wings, that I never see there. They were flying all around but too fast and too far away when they landed to photograph. I love the sounds, and those birds are actually the ones you hear in the videos I've posted.

So what's the message for me today? I'm feeling very challenged by my own limitations at work and so I was looking for validation in my thought processes somehow. Here's the message, no one needs validation, we all just do what we do and that's life at it's best.

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