Friday, April 17, 2009

Vulture Cadence

(This was written April 15, posted April 17)

So that was more interacting with Nature then I normally have, because I normally don’t breathe very much fresh air each day, and at least I had some. However, as we were cooking dinner (Jess wanted Quiznos, and so did my son Chris, but Tom and I were grilling Turkey) Tom heard a whole kettle of vultures swoop into the humongous tree that borders our property and called Jess and I out to the back. Here are some of the pictures I took.

So, though it was a total of 15 minutes, I spent more time outside t
han I normally do on a weekday. And what I take away from contemplating these things is that it’s fun to note what’s happening in nature even in a suburban neighborhood. Admittedly, I live a block away from a lake, so there’s always something to see, but since it’s the suburbs, it’s not pristine. The lake had some paper strewn on the bank (very little, but still some) and our tree has an old helium balloon stuck in it. Still nature has a cadence. The tree houses the birds, the lake is home to the swans, and my stick creates it’s own little ecosystem. Things have a tendency to keep on being themselves, it’s very comforting.

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