Friday, April 17, 2009


The assignment is to write something down each day in a beauty log – blog! So I’m using my blog for this purpose. I’ve always found that I end up doing what I intend to do, even if the timeline is different. And actually, my first intention for a blog was to take a picture every day of a stick that I like in the lake by my house. It’s actually more of a log. A beauty log! Another blog.

Anyway, I drive by that stick every day, and sometimes there are turtles, and sometimes ducks or swans, sometimes all of them, sometimes none of them, sometimes sun, sometimes haze, but I always see something social in the little ecosystem it creates.

Today on the way to work there were two ducks, but I couldn’t stop because I had to renew my driver’s license and then get to work. On the way home, I stopped and took some picures, but I couldn’t linger because my daughter was very sick and I had made light of her pain the night before. (True, she was waking me up at 2am and I told her we’d go to the doctor in the morning, but still, I did not show enough concern.) Tom (my husband, her father) took her to the doctor in the morning and then they had to go to the hospital for a catscan. They were there all day and she has an ovarian cyst. So, I had to get home and at least feed her something she liked since I was negligent the night before. Anyway, the lake was sunny, the swans were spread out very evenly and there was no being on the stick. Here are a few pictures.

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