Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer's End

I have been meaning to write about Pompton Day, but to be truthful, my pictures weren't that good. It's hard to capture that spirit in one photo. All along the lake there are booths and you can throw cream pies at people you know or dunk a teacher in a water tank or race a rubber duck off the dock. Mostly, you run into people you know and haven't seen for awhile, and for those of us who have raised our families here, there are a lot of memories. To me, summer ends on Pompton Day with our fair along the lake and our fireworks at night (they get better every year). So here, in tribute to the actual last day of summer are my photos from Pompton Day 09.

The dock above was inspired and partially paid for by an elementary school Earth Day project that my friend Theresa spearheaded. That might not be the same dock at this point, but I think about how it originally got there every time I see it. The plaque below commemorates the event and I had never noticed it until this Pompton Day, 9 years later. Memories run deep in this lake community, and so thank you to all the people who have improved that park over the years.

And finally, the last photo is not spectacular, but just the view of the back of the tents along the road from the lake. Goodbye to Summer!

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