Sunday, September 27, 2009


Our everyday routines are the practice of life. And everywhere I've turned over the past week, I've received the message loud and clear that the small moments and day to day routines of life layer on top of each other like different pieces of artisan glass and when you look back through those layers they have a depth and beauty that is as important as any momentous occasion or achievement, and you see the shape and form of your life.

The practice of going to the lake for inspiration is one that I realize I have to stick with, even when I don't think I have the time, even when I think there's nothing notable there to see, I should go.
At this time, in this season, as I've mentioned for the last few posts, there is not striking beauty at the lake. I still love it though. And I am still always fascinated by something I find or see every time I go. The initial attraction to inspect the log and it's happenings was fun, but making a practice of visiting there over time I've learned things I would not have known just by driving by and stopping only when I felt like it.

There was road work being done on my usual route to work, and the lake was not on the detour route and so I fell out of the habit of stopping for inspiration for the day. The photo above was the first after all those weeks and it represents the contentment that the regular practice of observing nature can bring. Or maybe it's a reminder of the joy to be found in everyday activities.

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