Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have to comment on my last posting on being outstanding. I woke up in the morning determined to identify what's been bugging me; wrote the Outstanding post; then stopped at the lake on the way to work to find my 'outstanding' photo. Guess what? No photo available, really none that I could see. However, I had an outstanding conversation with a gentleman I talk to at the lake once in awhile, one of my fellow lake-observer-photographers, and he told me if I had been 10 minutes earlier I would have had some spectacular shots of the swans in the lily pads. So the conversation was outstanding but no photos.

I stopped back between work and home, and I could see some shots, but my battery was dead. I took the ones that I posted here and in "Outstanding" by shutting the camera off and on and snapping quickly with the last of the juice. I couldn't double-ck the settings though, and while I thought I was shooting in 'chrome' for saturated color, I really had it on black and white. I think these photos would have been great in color, so I was disappointed that they were grayscale, but, I'm posting them anyway, because they are interesting to me anyway.

I believe though, that since I couldn't find that 'oustanding' photo I was looking for, there is a further part of this message I'm meant to see. I believe that it is that you have to really be prepared to be outstanding. I needed to show up on time in the morning and make sure I charge my camera battery. My accidental black and white studies are interesting gifts to have received, but there's a balance between execution and planning that deserves attention.

So I can't say that I find any of these black and white's outstanding, but I have to give it time. I thought the photo that I took of the brown edges of the lake was ugly, but now it's one of my favorites, and I have another from that day as the desktop background of my computer. So, I'm going to plan better, but I'm open to the idea of receiving my best execution in any circumstance.

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