Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Changing of the Log Guard

I finally caught (on camera) a turtle going into the water. Go to time stamp :43 to see it without watching the whole video. (Look at the largest lump on the left, that's the turtle.) I have no deep insights as to what this video means, it was just fun to see the changing of the guard.

The high water mark due to all our rain seems to have changed the habits a bit on this log. Ducks are more prevalent. If you watch the full video, you'll see the swans climbing on, a duck climbing on, the turtle jumping off...good times!

Bear in mind though, I'm like the blind men trying to understand an elephant, I only see one slice of time at this lake. I did notice ducks in the morning today too, so maybe I'm just missing the duck brigade. I see them, but they are by the dock, not the log. I'm rarely there in the middle of the day, so maybe that's when the ducks take a log-turn. I used to see them there all the time, but that was before we had so many swans. And we used to have an enormous amount of geese, but they are gone now due to a program that sterilized their eggs. (They were overrunning the town and the sports playing fields.)

This morning I met a man on the bench by the lake where I regularly take my photos from, and he said he takes pictures there every day too. He commented on the abundance of wildlife that is attracted to that log. He talked about the fish in the lake and the blackbird nests in the flora
at the lake edge, and the turtles. There are a number of things to focus on.

So in the interest of a more complete viewpoint, Saturday I'll take a photo once an hour all day, and we'll see what happens. Stay tuned.

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