Friday, March 6, 2009


OK, I have a reputation of being somewhat disorganized. I don't think I am, I just appear to be. The reality is that most women, particularly women around 50, can multi-think even better than they multi-task. In other words, I THINK I'm going to get everything done, but there often are not physically enough hours in the day. So, you can either get in a frenzy about it, or take it one step at a time, or let it go and flow with life. Here's something my boss gave me to work with when I was panicking once:
I see, I know the higher order. If anything comes to my mind that seems too much, too full, too overwhelming, I simply know the power of my inner knowing, my all knowing to see a greater idea, a greater view and sections of what to trim, what to expand. I am part of this Divine intelligence and I know there are so many, ... infinite address these projects. I see and know this is all mine. I see the greater good of the company and all those involved coming forth through this work, through this team, through this beautiful manifestation of work today. I accept this ease and grace and connection with open arms, with open mind. I am choosing power in peace today. I am grateful for my husband and children and dog, my friendships at work, John, Chris and Jill, Sara, Frieda, Rene, Robbin, Susan, my in-laws, my mother-in-law's life, my parents, brothers and Joyce and all of the nieces and nephews and Robin and George and so many people in my life and our town, Jessie's friends and Chris's friends and the depth of the relationships all around me, including the company I work for, and the challenge with opportunity that my position affords me.

I am now done in mind and so --- it's done on earth, here , now.
So I had started this entry to be a little flip and irreverent about time and when I came across the affirmation above I decided instead to really work with the universe and accomplish the highest and best I can today, and then when the work day ends, do the same at home, with the family I love.

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